Saturday, July 19, 2014

Vamping Up

I have been working on getting back in the blogging world and vamping up my design and brand. Stay tuned for new things and a new address.

Monday, September 24, 2012


I sure do love this guy
& through all the busyness
I just gotta remember
In the end, it's me & him.

Senioritis has kicked in but I gotta just keep moving forward. 
{EIGHT} more months 'til graduation

Monday, September 17, 2012


Thank you Pinterest for finding this amazing Overnight Oats for me. 
Of course I tweaked the recipe to my liking 
but it really has saved me A LOT of time 
in the mornings when I'm running out to class.
 I love LOVE love having weekends off
Chris currently has weekends off too
so Saturday & Sunday are lazy days
wake up, make some HEALTHY breakfast 
He went to rugby, I was productive with washing the car
and on Sunday, we lounged around then went to the gym
 & I think its starting to help cuz my pants do not stay on.
And I love being outside & active
 I love the fact that I'm reclaiming FREE time
To enjoy life & not be running from school to work
or work to school, fighting traffic, changing clothes in the car
hating the fact that I'm missing out on family things
or other events going on
It's such a breath of fresh air 
to not have to schedule my life minute by minute. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

4 Years too late

I often get asked {even by my family}
"You're 26! What are you still doing in school!?"
Some ask out of curiosity. Others ask to be assholes
{e.g. Chris' old roomie who never even attempted college. Go figure.}
It makes me question myself sometimes.
When, I already always feel so old & out of place

I often forget that I am so much older than most people in school
Sure we have the "adults" or the "re-entry" students
But I just flat out have been lolli gagging
Chris keeps me young & I usually don't feel as old as I am 
Until I'm dragged to a party 
Or like this week. . .
{RUSH} week
Chris wants to join a frat.
Oh Bother.

When Chris & I first started dating . . . 
"I fought so hard & of coarse {TRIED TO} push him away
Tried to convince him  that he shouldn't be tied down
. . .he is {GASP!} 5yrs younger than I am.
I didn't want him 'wasting his party years' 
like I had done."
{you can read the whole post here}

So, I tell my boo, I support him in anything that he decides to do
Even if it is rushing a frat, 
where he's a shoe in {because they've been recruiting him since last year} 
because I want him to have the full college experience that I never got 
I will bite my tongue & happily take a backseat
to his RA 24/7 position in the dorms
his new job that he got hired at Sunday
& now a frat

My friends ask me {daily} how I do it. How WE do it 
I'm just happy that he's making the best of his college years
& he's already promised he's not interested in any "Sorority Mixers" 
cuz he's "already got the best girl"{insert googlie eye emoji here}
But in all seriousness. . .
I had always dreamed of going away to school 
& live the whole experience
I think its incredibly important to live your life to the fullest 
So when it's time to settle down
You're not itchin' for the party years

So even at 26
I finally get to have the college experience
even though I {shoulda} graduated 4 years ago
If I woulda stayed "on track" & gone to school when I was "supposed to"
& graduated 4 years ago 
I would have never met Chris 
& I wouldn't be where I am {& how happy I am} today
So who cares if I'm at school 4 years too late
Because I found the person I am going to settle down with
& I'd rather his party years now
rather than leaving me at home with our 6 kids
But to answer the question everyone asks. . .
We do it because its called 
Sacrifice & Compromise
Respect, Trust, & Love
Your learn to put your needs aside 

& He still does make time for me to do things like bake cupcakes
on a Sunday night.  


Since I have been getting serious about getting in shape
& I am even taking my strength conditioning class
{With Chris}
I've decided to track my progress

Here's how it started:
Of course. . .
By that little number in my hand
Thank you beer.
I swear. . .
One day you're skinny
& the next, your thicka than a snicka
It also didn't help getting old
& I can no longer eat 2 double doubles from In-N-Out
and the Ex looooved to go out, Eat all day, & Drink all night

 After the break up:
Chris is big into fitness and helps motivate me.
I'm forced to workout 2x a week with my class
But him & I of course go more
and we stopped eating fast food, no soda, no sweets ok SOME but very limited
I juice more, have a smoothie a day, grilled chicken or Salmon mostly
and starting this week, reducing my carbs
My weight RARELY Fluctuates
But my waist gets smaller
My goal is to lose 10lbs to bring me to 120
I've always been muscular with an athletic body
My stats currently:
Size 5-6 pants

Monday, September 3, 2012


Is it really September already!?

I've survived my first week of my last year of school.
Until I decide {If i decide} to get my Master's.
But, so much has already changed
& I have high hopes for this year.

To begin. . .
I am currently unemployed 
Mutual decision 
I loved my job 
but just did not see eye to eye with the owner
I have never  not had a job basically since I was 16
{minus that time. I lived in PA when I was 17}
But I have decided to focus on my last year of school
Or at least this last semester
Since it is my last full time semester.
It makes me a little nervous 
but so far it's been nice 
to have such a huge stress lifted off my shoulders
The Internship. . .
On top of having a full load this semester
I'm interning at the Women's Center on campus
& I'm pretty excited to be a part of an amazing group.
Last semester I had such an awful internship
& after looking at my schedule for this semester
there are so many events and workshops to look forward to
The Line Up. . .
Physical Conditioning {because I needed 1 unit}
Delivery to Communities  {My teacher never showed on the 1st day. LOVELY.}
Internship Lecture {yes. on top of my actual 120 hours internship}
Proposal Writing {I hear [from the teacher] that this class is hell}
Anthropology {Study of primate behavior}

As For Summer. . .
I loved my vacation up North to see my babe
We went to The Rivercats game {It was so hot, we only lasted a few innings}
We went to Old town Sac & gorged ourselves with salt water taffy at the candy stores.

 We Went to beautiful Clearlake for a night & rode the seedoos

 Chris' family comes down south for a week or so every summer. This year they planned it to help Chris move back into the dorms since he's a RA this year. We Stayed a few nights in Ocean Beach, San Diego. Hodad's Burgers are seriously the best I have ever had. If they had one in OC, I'd definitely be fat. Which is while I had to track the route of our 3 mile jogging path afterwards.

 The amazing sunset in Long Beach when I landed home. 

& of course, numerous Disneyland trips. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Blog, I don't know about this LOVE.HATE relationship we have going on. 
I love updating you, but I hate that I can't give you enough Love that you deserve 
because frankly, it's not you it's me. I have no time for such a commitment. 

Dear Boyfriend, Have I mentioned how happy I am that you're home? 
Now if only your new training didn't consume your life, 
I'd really enjoy spending some time with you. 
This 8-8/ 7 days a week training BS that you're doing 
for the next weeks is exhausting on me. 

Dear 26, Can I have a little bit more time? 
26 is a little bit closer to 30 than I'd like to be 
& I haven't even had time to create my 30 before 30 list. 
11 days 'till my Birthday will creep up fast.

Dear School, Can you please start already? 
I know this is an odd request, considering most people don't wish for you to start, 
but I like being on a set schedule, being able to go to the gym, 
see my boo on a consistent basis, 
& finally be a senior after 7 years because quiet frankly,  
I'm ready to put this school thing behind me.